Dr. Re's Doll Clinic

Dr. Re's Repair and Restoration.

Do you have a favorite doll that needs
a little tender loving care?
Dr. Re' can help bring that sweetie back to the way you remember it.

There are a number of "before" and "after" shots that are lots of fun to look at.

Flossie Flirt
Flossie Flirt Before
Flossie afterFlossie Flirt After.
Whew! What a difference.

The large Porcelain doll was poured and china painted by Dr Re'. She was dressed by Dr Re' using a vintage dress. She is wearing an old mohair wig and stands 42" tall. Her name is Susan and she is the beauty of the showcase room.

This sweet bisque head girl needs some TLC!

bisque doll repaired

Oh my!!! She is ready to go. How wonderful she looks after being cleaned, restrung, new hair and redressed.


mama doll

Sweet Little Mamma Crier Doll
all dressed up.

Someone's little composition Momma Baby is getting some repairs!

doll repaired

This toddler can't wait to get home to Momma!
But not yet! She can't go out like that.

all dressed and ready to go home

Well What do you think?
Is she ready to go home now?
I'll say she is. "Momma!"

What has this little doll gone through?

doll repaired

Who would ever know she looked like the picture to the left before?

for fun scroll over the dolls and see what they look like repaired

These dollies are all in need of some TLC. Their owners knew just what to do.

Bring them to Dr. Re'!!

Some of the dolls above have "after" pictures.

For some fun scroll your mouse over the dolls to find the ones that you can click on to see their after pictures. See if you can find all seven.
The pictures will come up in another window. Just close it to come back.

This baby has been sort of "hangin' around". She is ready for cleaning, restringing, and then the favorite part.......

Getting all dressed up.


The Quads need some TLC.
Below are the Quads AFTER their Dr. Appointment.

quads restored

2 of the quads before
Close up of two of the quads before.
2 quads done
Here they are all done.

Some one is going to be really happy!

broken compo doll

Broken Compo Doll

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