Dr. Re's Doll Clinic

About Dr. Re'
(Irene Sjostrom, Doll Dr.)

This is a little synopsis of what I am about.
My husband and I started this business in 1980 and due to a need to make replacement parts for composition and porcelain dolls we began making porcelain dolls. I truly enjoy the challenge of the creating a doll from the mold to the shelf.

Since my husbands demise in 1992 I have found solace in continuing our business. It is a world that has taken on a life of it's own. A daily challenge to me to really begin to know how to survive alone except for the talents God gave me and my determination to succeed in doing something I love to do and to financially support myself.t is now a few years later and I am eternally grateful for the love of God and the confidence of my customers that I will return their dolls as they remember them to have looked. Thank you for having faith in me and continuing to send your precious heirlooms to be restored. I do Composition Repair. I do restringing and redressing on Antique and Modern Dolls and I even clean and restore Stuffed Animals of yesterday and today.

I do appraisals on most dolls. It is easier to do a true authentic appraisal if I have the dolls in hand so they can relate to me from markings and material, their history and condition. They can be mailed to me or brought in person to my shop in Elm City, NC. There is a small fee charged for this service, this makes it possible to keep my library up to date.

Commercial molds I have purchased are used in my studio to make the porcelain dolls. There are only a few of the many dolls I make on display on my web site. All dolls on my website are made by me and are for sale. You can e-mail me to check on the prices and dolls still available. The miniatures are from 1" scale or 1/2" scale and have moveable parts. If you have any questions or comments, or would just like some information concerning the available services I provide please use the e-mail link at the top of the page in the navigation bar.
Thank you,
Dr. Re'